Trained, Hardworking Professionals


We come from a strong background of hard work, therefore we are bringing everything to our Clients and giving them our best.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Smith & Boles Cleaning Company is to build lasting partnerships with our Clients and constantly keep the lines communication open doing this attributes to having a great business. Our Core belief is treating others how we would want to be treated with respect!.   


*   We are Vendor with Philadelphia Housing Authority

*   We are Pa Certified Unified DBE 

*   We have our DUNS 

*   We are registered with SAM

*   SDB - Small Disadvantage Business

*   AABE- African American Business Enterprise

*  Vendor for Department Of Transportation

The Staff

Doneza Inez Smith

Founder & President 

I am from South Philly but I live in North Philadelphia and always wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, especially in or around my community. I always wanted to start a Cleaning Company it was a dream that I use to put  off until one day I was thinking to myself and asked whats holding me back ? little do you know I  looked in the mirror and got my answer. I didn't  want to just leave my two kid's just beneficiaries of  my policy I wanted to leave them with the legacy that was put in place for them. I prayed to Jehovah God again and did some research  and here I am today humbly standing before you.

Eddie T. Boles

Silent Partner

I am from South Philadelphia it was always a goal of mine to one day start a Cleaning Business, I was currently  work for a Billion Dollar Company and I realized that with hard work and some guts we'll I can strive to be a successful Billionaire one day. The first step will be for me to take a leap of faith and not just talk about it but do it. One of my friends told me "he said Ed how do you ever expect  to win the lottery if you never play" I laughed at him and than those words played in my head. I am here today to say what ever your journey in life leads you try it don't be afraid to take a risk.You only live once make it memeorable . 


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