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Smith & Boles Cleaning Company

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The Smith & Boles Cleaning Company was in the making 3 years ago, my family and I would always brainstorm and try to think of ways to be more financially independent ah ha the idea came a "cleaning company". 

The new year was coming it was in December of 2016 I said you know what I am going to do some research and  make sure we dot our I's and cross our T's.  January  2017 was here and  we had a family meeting again and this time the outcome was different  we all looked at each other and said out loud are we ready to start our business  everyone said yes. The documents needed to start a business was completed and Smith & Boles Cleaning Company was born as of February 2017.   


We as a Family company will stand out because we highly value hard work and what it takes, We have a strong positive relationship with each of our clients thats very important and lastly we always keep the lines of communication open. We want our clients to feel relaxed and know they are in good hands.​

We specialize in residential cleaning /Clean outs also commercial cleaning  /clean outs. We treat our clients how we personally like to be treated.

Keep up the Great Work Smith & Boles Cleaning Company ! 
T.E.C Philadelphia Pa
When you include God in your plans everything else falls in place, Peace & Blessings Smith & Boles Cleaning  Company.
Bro John Atlanta Ga



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